Athletes of the Week

by: Logan Cole and Madison Schaefer



Nineteen-year-old Taryn Ackerman is widely known in  the Special Olympics community due her great athletic ability. She is a major participant and is heading strong into the bowling competition on Saturday, Oct. 15 at Maple Lanes.

Do you like participating in the sports?

“Yes, it is fun.”

What is your favorite part of bowling?

“Knocking down pins and getting strikes.”

Who do you like to bowl with?

“My friends and Isaac and Josh!”



As a start to his sophomore year, Benjamin Bermel placed 13th in State last week with a two day total of 156, landing him in the top 20 for individual efforts, and the team for ninth place at State.

What was it like to be a sophomore on the team and to get 13th at State?

“It was kind of a fun, fun season. Had fun with my teammates. They were a fun group of guys.”

Where do you see yourself in the future in golf.

“I am going to stick with the guys and try to get a better score and place higher.”

How did you do your freshmen year?

“I just missed the chance to go to state by a shot.”

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