Re-Runners: These five shows deserve followup seasons

By Noah Forker

A few weeks ago, I did an article about top five video games that deserve a remake. This week, along that topic, I will be doing top five underrated shows that deserve another season. These shows will either have loose ends that were never tied up, have rushed endings or basically should get another season because the story could have and should have kept going. As always, this is my opinion, and if we don’t share the same, well that’s fine.

The first show is an anime called “Puella Magi Madoka Magica.” The basic plot of this story is that the girls can get magic powers, for a wish. The only catch is they must fight against these beings called witches.

The reason this show deserves another season, or even a remake of some sort, is because it ended too fast. It was only 12 episodes, and it was rushed, like very, very rushed. When watching this on my own time, one episode’s starting point came out of nowhere, and it confused me very much. The ending came out of nowhere and was honestly only good for a first watch. The show has received three movies, but a movie is not as good as the show itself.

The second show is “Baka and Test.” This show, while a little odd, only received two seasons, and while many hope for a season 3, we never got it.

The basic plot is the students can fight with avatars in different subjects. At the start of the year, you take a test, and your score in each subject is your “Power level” when fighting in that subject.

While it did receive two whole seasons, season 2 ended in an unmemorable way and there were so many loose ends to tie up, that I can’t even list them all.

The third show that deserves another season is the show “Sword Art Online.” This show had an amazing first and second season, but could still have more.

The show, or at least the first season, is based around kids trapped in an online virtual reality game called Sword Art Online. It’s more of a show you need to watch to get, in my personal opinion.

The reason this show deserves a third season is because season 2 ended, not in a way that was unmemorable, but just, there could be more.

The second part, each season being split into two parts, is basically Asuna, the female of the series, tying up some loose ends with her mother. While this progresses the story, it was not nearly a good enough ending to end the series.

The fourth show that deserves another season is “Bakugan.” “Bakugan” is a very odd but entertaining show. One day out of nowhere, strange cards come falling from the sky. They are cards from another world, and together Dan Kuso and his friends must use their Bakugan friends to fight against the people using doom cards. Doom cards, if used, would send defeated Bakugan to the Doom Dimension, a dark world where no Bakugan can return from.

The reason this show deserves another season is because no one liked the fourth season, and there were so many possibilities to do with this show. So many missed opportunities could easily be solved with a fifth season.

The fifth and final show is “Noragami.” This show is amazing from every angle: the theme song, the show itself, the plot, the characters. However, it only received two seasons, which it did not deserve.

The plot of this show is that a god named Yato is looking for a new weapon, when he meets a human girl that can leave her body after being hit by a car. This is unusual, but he still goes with it, and the story progresses,  may I add, amazingly.

The second season kinda ended on a weird tone, so a third season would help tie up the many, many loose ends.

No matter what show you look at, everyone has at least one show that ended in confusion about one thing or another. Very few shows end well, but these five especially need another show for some wrap-up.

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