CF teachers reminisce past proms

Sarah Carlson – Class of 2003

Location: It was in our school gym, and we always went to a fancy restaurant beforehand. I think our theme was Paris rose with an Eiffel Tower for pictures. There were lots of strands of lights, park benches and bistro sets around the gym. There were also silver stars hung everywhere and black tarps covering the sides and floor, so it didn’t feel so much like a gym.

Music: The music was whatever was popular in the early 2000s like *NSYNC. There were lots of songs and artists everyone knows like the “Watermelon Crawl,” “Baby got Back,” Madonna, etc.

Advice: My advice is dance like nobody’s watching. Take some pictures, but just be present without a screen in front of you. Make memories and enjoy the moment.

Sarah Cooper – Class of 2000

Location: Winter formals were held at the school. I remember one prom was held at Camp Dodge, and a couple proms were at an indoor soccer gym. I remember it smelled like b.o. Honestly, I can’t remember the theme. Lots of balloons and decorated well. That aspect hasn’t changed much.

Dance Moves: Goodness, I don’t remember. I was awkward.

Music: “To Make You Feel My Love” from movie “Hope Floats.” “I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing” by Aerosmith from the movie “Armageddon.”

Advice: Enjoy yourself. Have fun with friends.

Linda Walther – Class of 1987

Location: We had our prom in a big banquet hall where they hold weddings. It was fancy and felt really elegant. From what I recall, I had dinner there, which was also really nice.

Theme: Theme was “The Best is Yet to Come” by Bryan Adams. We had a prime rib dinner with baked potato. After prom many students went into Chicago for a boat or carriage ride. After prom/the next day many went to lake houses in Michigan or Wisconsin with a group of friends.

Dance Moves: Girls would dance by whipping their hair/head around and generally just jumping side to side while moving pumping their arms.

Music: Popular bands at the time [included] REM, Fine Young Cannibals and B52s.

Advice: Don’t expect this to be the romance of your life. Don’t go with high expectations. Just go to have fun.

Scott Bohlman – Class of 2001

Location: Jumer’s Castle Lodge. It was a huge hotel with a fancy restaurant and ballroom. The theme was “Crazy For You”.

Dance Moves: the Macarena was still holding on, I also remember some classmates bust out the “Tootsee Roll” when they wanted to impress their girlfriends.  Other then that it wasn’t much different then dances today.

Music: Puff Daddy (I’ll Be Missing You), K-Ci & JoJo (All My Life), NSYNC (This I Promise You), y), Dr. Dre (Still Dre), Blink 182 (What’s My Age Again?)

Advice: 1. Don’t get too lost in the all the “prom”/formal traditions.  Prom was awesome because it was my girlfriend and best friends having fun dancing and hanging out for one of the last times before we would graduate and head different directions.  2. Be safe. We didn’t had any major incidences, but that year a couple for teens at a neighboring high school died in a drinking and driving accident and I had lost a friend earlier in the spring due to driving high and wrecking.  It is not worth it.

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