Cedar Bend Humane Society overrun with cat donations

Cedar Bend Humane Society is not accepting anymore cats into the shelter due to excessive amount of cats.

According to their site, “That is true. At the moment we are not accepting owner surrenders or out of county stray cats. So, we are still servicing Black Hawk County and taking in strays from the area. However, due to the overwhelming amount of cats, we are not accepting any cats from other counties right now. Once we slow down this winter, we will accept them again.”

Currently CB Humane Society has over 180 cats up for adoption.

“We always greatly appreciate any donations to help care for our animals. Since we are a non-profit, open admittance shelter, we greatly appreciate help from the community!” the Cedar Bend site said. “It is very typical for this time of year to be this full with cats. We typically begin to slow down with litters and kittens in the winter time. We do not have a set amount per say. We typically make room for cats as needed.”

Donations from money to cat food, anything will help the Cedar Bend Humane Society care for these cute, furry creatures.

According to the site, “This is a very common thing in the summer and into fall. This is why it is so important for people to spay and neuter their pets! Education is key!”

It is a fact that around 2.7 million adoptable cats and dogs are euthanized each year here in the United States. This number could be cut down if people would get their dogs and cats spayed/neutered. Spaying or neutering a pet reduces the number of stray animals on the streets drastically.

Euthanizing is not an issue at Cedar Bend Humane Society, being a no kill shelter, but they still struggle with providing for the many strays and owner surrendered pets that end up in their shelter every year.

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