Our View: Make your prom count

One of the most exciting times of the school year is prom season. Students have picked their dresses, rented their tuxes, and are getting prepared to be polished for a night of fun on May 12 at the Electric Park Ballroom. Junior Leadership has worked hard to make our night in the Enchanted Forest a night to remember.

We only get two proms at Cedar Falls, so it is important to live in the moment and make them count. Here are three tips to stay in the moment at prom and make your memories last.

1. Put your phone away

Capturing pictures of you and your friends looking amazing is important, but being on your cell phone the entirety of the night can take away from your actual experience of the night. Challenge yourself by leaving your phone in your purse or pocket and concentrate on what is actually happening around you.

2. Take advantage of post-prom

While prom is a time to make memories and have fun with your friends, it is also an easy time to make decisions you may regret. There are options for fun at prom without having to risk receiving disciplinary action or threatening your friends’ or your own wellbeing, which, for seniors especially, would put a difficult kink in the flow of the last final weeks before graduation.

Post-prom is hosted after the dance at Orchard Hill Church. The doors to the event will open at midnight and close at 1:30, but students will not be able to re-enter once they leave. Tickets are $5 in advance at the front office or $10 at the door. Post-prom will feature a variety of activities from complimentary food and treats, games and inflatables, raffles for large prizes, and a hypnosis session.

3. Get on the dancefloor 

Prom is at the point where the year is winding down. After a long year full of studying, sports, and stress,Prom will be the last hurrah for many seniors who head off on their own paths and leave Cedar Falls behind. It offers a time to let loose, dance, and celebrate the friends and memories made throughout one’s time at Cedar Falls.

Don’t be afraid to get on the dancefloor and let it all out. Everyone will be there to have a good time, so whether or not you’re a great dancer, make it count!

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