Humane Society awaits visitors

Cedar Bend Humane Society shelters many animals from bunnies to dogs; offering them a caring home until they are adopted.


Many have heard of and are familiar with the local animal shelter, the Cedar Bend Humane Society, but what do they actually do? 

A quick look inside reveals so much. A plethora of animals, big and small, are housed in this center. Cats occupy the two front rooms; guinea pigs, and rabbits line the countertops; and dogs fill the back room. 

Once one recovers from the absolute cuteness of each and every animal, one might wonder how they manage to take care of all of these animals at once. The Cedar Bend Humane Society has to have some way to provide for the animals in need, but how?

“It is so important for the community to be aware that we are a non-profit organization,” administration assistant and intake supervisor Caitlyn Wegner said. “So we solely run off of donations whether they be monetary donations or items. We can’t do what we do without the communities support.” 

With that said, the Cedar Bend Humane Society still relies on the donations of many items such as blankets, cat litter, wet cat food, dry cat food, cleaning supplies, toys, dog food, etc. Donating even one of these products to the Humane Society could make a significant impact, allowing the volunteers and staff to continue to care for these creatures in need. 

Pet owners know it’s never easy to care for a pet, let alone a whole care center full of them, so why not lend a hand? If donating isn’t possible, why not volunteer? Still not into volunteering? Spread the word! Use social media to mention the Humane Society and what donations they might need at any given time. If you’re unsure what to donate, go to their website and send them an email. 

You don’t have to do something drastic to help out and make a change, even a small donation would help even more than you think. 

Another seemingly small way to help would be to remember to adopt and not shop, when searching for another furry friend. Support the Cedar Bend Humane Society by choosing to adopt one of the older animals. 

A recent visit to the Humane Society lead me to discover a fairly new resident, a 10-year-old chihuahua named Sampson. He was a bit nervous as he walked to the front of his cage to greet me, though he quickly warmed up to me with some encouraging words and a few head scratches. 

Many often overlook the older animals in a shelter, instead, going straight for the younger ones. While it is still a good thing to adopt, young or old, opening up your home to an elderly animal can have its benefits as well, and contrary to the saying, you can always teach an old dog new tricks. 

Consider taking a look around the Cedar Bend Humane Society, and an unexpected friend could be waiting just around the corner.

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