Athlete of the Week: Bryce Pilcher

Bryce Pilcher is one of the top ranking wrestlers in the state with a record of 16-2, only losing the first two matches in one of the first weeks of the season. All of the others have either been from pins or taps. This week he won all of his matches.

How did you get started with wrestling?

“My dad got me and my brother started when I was around six years old, and I just always loved it.”

What made you want to continue to wrestle?

“The whole idea of wrestling one athlete vs. another. Same weight, it’s an equal match, and the better man comes out on top.”

Where do you see you going with wrestling, and what has it taught you?

“I think that wrestling teaches me a lot, and I plan on using it in life to prove that I am a hard worker and dedicated, with all of these hopefully life skills that should benefit me through my whole life.”

Do you plan to wrestle in college? Have you gotten any requests?

I have not made up my mind with a decision yet, but if you were to ask me right now, I would say that I want to wrestle in college, I guess. I have gotten letters from schools, not exactly scholarships.

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