Behind the Lens: Freshman art students finally meet fuzzy foci of their painting projects

Finally, the day arrived after being cancelled because of an early out, and the ninth grade art students at Holmes Junior High got to see the animals they painted for a project they did in the middle of the first semester.

On Thursday, Jan. 19 a bus came to pick up the small class  and take them on a 10 minute drive to the Cedar Bend Humane Society, and they all agreed it was worth the trip.

“The animals there were so cute,” freshman Haley Williams said. “I’m sure most of us students wanted to take a pet, or five, home with  us.  When we all first walked in, there was a nice lady who greeted us all and gave us  a tour of CBHS.  After the tour, we were set loose into the world of animals.  Of course, most people chose the cats at first.  Overall, this was the best day in this school year. We all had so much fun.”

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